Poised Thunder exploit Clippers defense down stretch, take 2-1 series lead


LOS ANGELES — This was playoff basketball at its most intense (certainly the most intense we’ve seen this second round, anyway). The Clippers and Thunder were battling and it was emotional, chippy, loud, and foul filled. It was a roller coaster.

It didn’t have much defense, but it was fun.

Through that storm the Thunder kept their heads about them. It’s a cliche to say the most poised team wins a close game, but it’s a cliche for a reason.

While the Clippers got frustrated with each other and chirped at officials in the fourth —all of which seemed to impact their defensive rotations and offensive shot selection, their minds elsewhere — the Thunder kept executing. OKC kept trusting players like Caron Butler to make plays (he nailed three threes in the fourth), kept trusting they would win going small, and they played with the confidence they would make the big shots when…

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Hannibal: Ko No Mono Recap (SPOILERS)




I wasn’t planning on drinking tonight but there is only one response to tonight’s episode and that is a generous amount of strong alcohol. Jesus fucking Christ I can’t believe tonight.


First I’d like to say this: congratulations on a third season! I know this second season has brought up a lot of strife amongst fans but I hope everyone can agree that we’re all excited to get a third season. We’ve broken the Bryan Fuller two season curse and now get a chance to experience 13 more episodes of the show we all hate so much but continue watching because we’re stuck in some sort of Stockholm syndrome relationship with it.

Send help.

Tonight’s episode was perfect, though, because I think it…

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April in Ireland: Giant’s Causeway


I remember the first time I saw a photo of the Giant’s Causeway (not long ago, embarrassingly), hypnotized by the black hexagons glistening under sherbet sunsets.  “This has got to go on my bucket list! Where on earth is this place?”

Ireland?  Really?

Well, Northern Ireland.  Yes, it’s a different country, even though I never knew much about the distinction growing up.  Ireland was Ireland: one island shaped like a happy ghost floating toward England (seriously, look at it). Of course now I know more about what separates Ireland into two countries, and I’m glad I finally made it up to the North.

On this blessedly sunny day, I was tagging along with my aunt and two cousins, one of whom studies at Queen’s University in Belfast.  I intended to listen to our tour guide’s speech about how the rocks formed, but the views were too distracting.  So I lagged behind to snap…

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Business handled, Heat rest and refocus

NBA.com | Hang Time Blog

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com

[nba-video vid=channels/playoffs/2014/04/29/0041300114-mia-cha-postgame-lebron-james.nba]
VIDEO:LeBron James talks after the Heat finished off the Charlotte Bobcats

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — They’d have done anything to avoid the spotlight this time three or four years ago. It would have been a welcome relief for the Miami Heat back then, when they were in the formative stages of a championship quest that continues today in a business-like fashion that has become routine for LeBron James and the two-time defending champion Heat.

All of the hype and hoopla that marked their early time together has faded a bit for the Heat, the first team to break through to the next round of the playoffs courtesy of their sweep of the Charlotte Bobcats. The minutiae, the “process,” as Heat coach Erik Spoelstra loves to call it, has infected this team.

“It’s a process,” James said. “I think this was step one for us. I…

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Referee Joey Crawford interrupts Kevin Durant game-tying free throw in overtime (VIDEO)


[nbcsports_video src=//www.youtube.com/embed/G9nI4zlEW2A width=620 height=349]

The Thunder didn’t lose this game just because of Joey Crawford — they were down 20 points in the third quarter to Memphis and that wasn’t on the refs — but somehow when Joey Crawford is the referee it always ends up being about Joey Crawford.

The situation was this: Oklahoma City was down two with 27.5 seconds left in overtime when going for a rebound Tony Allen went over the back of Kevin Durant and fouled him, sending Durant to the free throw line for two. Durant drains the first one, it’s now 100-99 Memphis.

Then just as Durant starts his free throw motion referee Joey Crawford blows his whistle and sprints out to stop the shot, taking the ball away from Durant. Crawford them went over to the scorers table to correct the number of team fouls on the scoreboard, yelling at the board…

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