Heavy fine may be most NBA can do

NBA.com | Hang Time Blog

By David Aldridge, TNT


[nba-video vid=channels/tnt_overtime/2014/04/29/20140428-inside-sterling.nba]
VIDEO: The Inside the NBA members discuss the Donald Sterling matter

The most likely scenario for NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to discipline L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is to use a provision of the NBA constitution that allows the Commissioner to suspend a team employee indefinitely and fine him up to $1 million. That appears, according to sources familiar with the NBA’s little-seen internal rules, to be the most the NBA can do to hit an owner for something said, as opposed to something done.

There are provisions for the NBA’s Board of Governors, with the votes of three-quarters of the league’s owners — 24 — to terminate the ownership of an individual and remove him as owner. But those provisions do not seem to apply here under even generous interpretation of the league’s rules.

Owners can be removed, under Section…

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