Villains of Note: Magneto

magneto the sickest baddie

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Last weekend, the Collectiva Diva and I attended WonderCon, so in keeping with the comic book spirit, let’s talk about the most bad ass of all comic book villains: Magneto.

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Known Aliases

  • (birth name) Max Eisenhardt
  • Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
  • Magnus
  • Erik the Red
  • Grey King
  • White King
  • White Pilgrim
  • The Creator

Mutant Abilities

Sir Ian McKellan as Magneto Sir Ian McKellan as Magneto

In the Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Magneto is able to control magnetic forces in any form. However, not seen in the MCU is Magneto’s ability to manipulate any force that is in the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes light, x-rays, gamma rays, etc. The truly terrifying possibilities come to light when readers realize that Magneto, if he is uninjured, has apparently limitless power, and can construct massive metal structures in seconds.

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