Sun Devil Fan Fair: Little Cons Make All the Difference



When I was in high school it was nearly impossible to find a convention of any sort anywhere near where I lived. To be fair, I lived in either rural upstate New York or rural Missouri in high school thanks to the US Army. That’s not exactly the sort of place you would have expected to find a comic book or anime convention back in 2006. But now – eight years later – it almost feels like you can find some kind of convention pretty much anywhere.

A lot has changed since I was in high school.

Nerd culture has come to the forefront and it’s actually being accepted. I think we probably owe a lot of that to the success of Iron Man in 2008 and Marvel’s subsequent series of interconnected films that ultimately brought us the Avengers in 2012. Yeah, sure, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series was popular but…

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